Our Firm Counsels Business Owners About the Rigorous Requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act

our firm represents commercial owners and possessors of public accommodations

At Okazaki Law Offices, we have extensive experience representing our commercial clients in matters involving compliance with the accessibility regulations promulgated under the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). Our attorneys understand the federal and state laws that affect your ability to use, improve and conduct business on your commercial property. We represent landowners and commercial establishments in the Los Angeles area and throughout California not only in defense of predatory lawsuits but to ensure they are well informed of their obligations to provide facilities that are readily accessible to disabled persons. 

we help property owners avoid needless litigation by staying abreast of the accessibility laws

Your commercial property represents a significant investment, so your ability to make it viable and productive is vitally important. But, quite frankly, many owners neglect their obligations under the disability laws; until it's too late, that is, and they are faced with a lawsuit in State or Federal Court which is usually indefensible. We draw on our knowledge of federal and state laws and our network of industry experts to assist our clients in making the correct decisions with regard to compliance. If you need experienced representation in any ADA or related matter, our firm has the background and skill to work toward a resolution that meets your needs.

To ensure your property or business is in compliance with the current accessibility laws, contact our knowledgeable lawyers for sound advice and advocacy.

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